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Performance Marine Engines

Experience the power of a PERFORMANCE Marine engine!

Let's face it, a stock performance engine will get you where you want to go, but some of us want to get there a little faster. PERFORMANCE MARINE ENGINES offers engines built with your needs and applications in mind.

If you want that extra edge to take you to your favorite spot for a day of slalom skiing or just love the feel of the wind and roar of the engine as you push your craft to full throttle, then our Class II Performance engine is your "ticket" to speed. The Class II engine gives you enviable performance while remaining compatible with pump gas for your weekend use.

The Class II Performance engine provides standard features such as:

  • Torque plate honing of cylinders to achieve maximum accuracy in cylinder concentricity for smooth piston travel.

  • Balanced crankshaft and piston/rod assemblies. Crankshafts are balanced to within .5 ounce/inches while the pistons and rods are balanced from .5 to 1 gram for high rpm performance.

  • Square decking of blocks to exact computer controlled specifications to ensure proper cylinder compression.

  • The installation of Hypereutectic pistons - aluminum-copper-silicon alloy pistons of high strength, heat treated through a quenching process to obtain up to 30% more strength.

  • PERFORMANCE Marine engines also feature a double roller timing chain, align honing, high-rev lifters, and a high volume oil pump as applicable to specific makes and models.

  • Class II performance engines are available for almost all makes and models. Class II Performance engines feature cams with an operating range of 2002-4800 rpm, with good midrange torque and response in the 2400-3200 rpm range.

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