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Marine Engines FAQ's

Chrysler Rebuild Engine
Marine Rebuilt Enging

What is the difference between a used, rebuilt and remanufactured marine engine?

USED Used marine engines are pulled directly from a boat that is being salvaged for its components and parts or from one that is no longer serviceable and will likely not return to the water. Used marine engines may not be so much as surface cleaned. These engines are not disassembled, internally cleaned, or inspected. Used or junkyard engines may have high hours, a poor maintenance history and even unseen damage – a failure waiting to happen.

REBUILT Rebuilding is to recondition by cleaning, inspecting and replacing the engine’s severely worn or broken parts. The engine’s serviceable parts are reused within the acceptable wear limits of the manufacturer. Rebuilt component quality can vary widely and many engines come with only a short term warranty.

REMANUFACTURED A remanufactured engine is machined and assembled as closely as possible to the measured standards of the original equipment manufacturer. All core material like the head(s) and block castings, crankshaft, camshaft and rods, are carefully inspected, verified against original equipment measured specifications to assure correct dimensional tolerances and precisely machined. Replacement parts for a remanufactured engine are new or re-qualified to meet exacting standards and tolerances. Remanufactured engines are tested for adherence to the measured standards and tolerances of the original production engine.

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